EYW106: How To Become A Successful Paralympian With Tanner Gers


An All-American kid growing up, Tanner Gers is a man who’s been forced to reinvent himself over and over again throughout his life, but the biggest reinvention he had was moving forward and learning how to thrive after waking up in the hospital totally blind.

Since that day, Tanner has influenced the world as the host of The Creative Success Show, his health and fitness blog, ABSolutelyLean.com, a professional speaker, and as a Paralympian. Tanner finds the fuel to achieve more and do more as long as he’s fulfilling his big mission in life, which is to help people across the world achieve their potential in every aspect of life, regardless of circumstance.

We talked about 

  1. How he uses the Spanish language for his career & daily life  
  2. How he started learning Spanish 
  3. Advice for Spanish learning 
  4. How he become a Paralympian
  5. How he made it to US National Paralympian 
  6. His most valuable lesson in London 2012 Paralympic Games 
  7. His favourite Country – Germany 
  8. Two interesting things about Mexico 

Keys to Success 

  1. PRIORITISE – You have to make it priority if you really want to learn anything  
  2. Movies or DVDs are one of the great ways to learn languages. Pick the movie that you love and listen to it to get a sense to what its say and how to say it with the emotion. 

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Remember a small change in a day is good enough, so be consistent in your adventure! 

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