EYW113: How Sophia Davis Learned Spanish and Adapted in Mexico

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Sophia Davis is an Australian hypnotherapist living in Mexico with her husband and kids. She recently quit her job and has now developed her online hypnoses Language Confidence program.  

We talked about 

  1. What she does for a living after quitting her job
  2. How to cope learning languages as an adult
  3. How she got interested in Spanish after already learning French and Spanish
  4. How Japanese and Spanish differ from each other in regards to ease in learning
  5. Biggest challenge in learning Spanish
  6. How difficulty of a language is based more on personal preference
  7. How she overcame conjugation in Spanish
  8. How learning another language feels
  9. Adjustments made living in another country
  10. Advice for people who wants to live abroad
  11. Surprising facts about Mexico that most people don’t know
  12. More information about her Language Learning Confidence Coaching Program

Keys to Success 

  1. Confidence is key. You have to be ok to sound like an idiot
  2. Get inside the culture and learn how people think
  3. To reach fluency, you need to practice daily
  4. Just DO it
  5. Writing down the words and phrases you hear then practicing it can greatly help in your language learning

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