EYW116: How Marilyn Wo Teaches Her Child to be Bilingual in Singapore

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Marilyn Wo is a freelance designer turned entrepreneur, mother of one. In fact, it was not until I was pregnant that I realised there’s more I can do with my time to put more life in my work and family at the same time while making a greater impact in the world. I used to be a self-employed one-man web designer, and had this aha moment to grow it into a real business while pregnant. In short, I’m aspiring to grow an amazing business and be an amazing mom.

We talked about 

  1. Her life as a freelance designer in Singapore and how she balances her life between business and family
  2. Languages spoken in Singapore
  3. What is Singlish and how its used
  4. How she and her husband balance English and Chinese when they talk to their child
  5. What is the impact of learning Chinese language strictly from a classroom, is it helpful?
  6. Things about Singapore that most people don’t know
  7. Important rule on raising bilingual kids
  8. Advice for parents on teaching another language to kids

Keys to Success 

  1. To learn a language it is best to talk and have a conversation rather than learning alone
  2. Learning needs routine to progress
  3. Learn to be consistent but flexible when it comes to teaching language to kids

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