EYW104: How Luis Congdon Learned Languages with Feeling

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Luis Congdon is the founder of The Podcasters’ Secret Weapon. He is a great podcaster who first started at nothing until he discovered the best strategy to network with experts. He learned Spanish at North Seattle Community College and earned his certificate at Seattle University. 

We talked about 

  1. How Luis Congdon learned English when he moved to the United States at a young age 
  2. Strategies for language learning 
  3. How Luis Congdon relearned Spanish at the age 18 and got himself a teaching job
  4. How Luis Congdon learned Italian as his third language
  5. The different culture which has its language to describe something meaningful
  6. Different ways of saying LOVE in Spanish and how to use “Me Gusta” correctly 
  7. The history of Spanish language 
  8. The actual meaning of “Minion” word in Spanish  
  9. How Luis Congdon uses his feeling to describe words 
  10. Tips for travelling in Thailand 

Keys to Success 

  1. Fully immerse in the language 
  2. Try not to focus on saying the word, but learn how to make the proper sound 
  3.  Be obsessed with whatever you are learning 
  4.  You have to make a lot of mistakes to success 
  5.  Language gives an opportunity to connect with people 
  6. Can’t complete translating the second language into your first language 
  7.  The word has its energy to me. When I hear a word, I see a colour
  8. Think of yourself as a child when you are learning a language
  9. Jump into whatever you are currently doing now

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