EYW114: How Jay Wong Learned Mandarin Through His Vision and Passion

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Jay Wong is an American inspirational speaker and entrepreneur who impact and inspire others through his top-rated podcast, The Inner Changemaker. He is a firm believer that it is possible to achieve what one wants as long as he is committed 100% to his vision and passion, thus he became motivated to learn Mandarin Chinese to compliment his love for travel.   

We talked about 

  1. His The Inner Changemaker blog and how it changed him 
  2. How did he became interested in learning Chinese
  3. Why speaking Mandarin and Cantonese is such an amazing skill to have
  4. Why he picked Shanghai as the place to live in China
  5. How he finds learning Mandarin Chinese in China
  6. Can he still learn Mandarin if he opted to stay in Canada
  7. Interesting things about Shanghai that people don’t know
  8. How is it to be involved in a cross culture relationship, and how they overcame any difficulty

Keys to Success 

  1. Just start doing what you want
  2. People can learn anything they set their mind to do
  3. Make friends with those who speak Chinese, or the language that you want to learn
  4. Practice as much as you can

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