EYW110: How Fauzi Djauhari Raise His Bilingual Children in Singapore

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Fauzi is the owner of Rebound Stronger. He is from Indonesia and now settled in Singapore. He has been working in oil and gas industry for about 14 years now. He lives in Singapore with Meilani his wife and two daughters Bella and Emma.

We talked about 

  1. The transformation from living in Indonesia to Singapore 
  2. The difference dialects in Indonesia 
  3. How he maintains his Indonesia language at the English speaking environment
  4. How Singaporean speak/learn multiple languages 
  5. How he raise their bilingual children in Singapore 
  6. Why Chinese is selected for his children to learn
  7. How his wife – Meilani keep their daughters motivated in learning Chinese  
  8. Advice for raising bilingual children 

Keys to Success 

  1. Speaking the local language will make you more acceptable 
  2. Obverse the children learning style and introduce them the new language based on their ability 

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