EYW118: 11 Japanese Chopstick Etiquette

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I am Queenie Kawabe, who won the best teacher and the best lesson of 2016 at an English Language School in Japan. I am also a language specialist, a youth motivational speaker and the host of Expand Your World Show Podcast.

I was born and raised in a multilingual family who speak five languages (English, Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Bahasa), and I believe that everyone deserves unique learning styles to expand their world. I have enjoyed helping people from different walks of life to discover the right learning style to speak a foreign language, teaching them to be confident, courageous and happy in life, work, and study, and helping parents to raise bilingual children by providing practical activities.

So, I hope to use Expand Your World Show to interview the most inspirational entrepreneurs, traveler, language learners and parents to share their expanded world with you. 

I talked about 

  1. Most common mistakes in using chopsticks by foreigners
  2. How you can join the Expand Your World Group and learn language on your best learning style
  3.  Why chopsticks is not as simple as you think
  4. Why learning how to use chopsticks properly is greatly appreciated in Japan

Keys to Success 

  1. Do not play with your chopsticks
  2. In whatever country you visit, be mindful of their culture and respect their practices

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