EYW112: How Marci Kobayashi Lives and Works in Japan For Over 20 Years

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Marci Kobayashi is originally from the USA but now living in Japan for over 20 years. She helps people all over the world to speak fluent Japanese by creating Japanese chants. She and her husband started a company that provide support for students who want to study abroad. 

We talked about 

  1. How she came to Japan and learned Nihongo
  2. How one can enjoy the town of Hachiyoji
  3. How Tokyo is not like what you expect
  4. How to stay motivated in studying Japanese language
  5. Differences between Japanese and English
  6. Tips on how she mastered Japanese and speak fluently
  7. Her most valuable experience in Japan
  8. How did she determine what she wanted to do with her life when there are too many career choices
  9. How Tokyo can become frustrating to a foreigner
  10. Advice on how to live and work in Japan

Keys to Success 

  1. Have someone to look up to to get more motivated
  2. If you want to master a language, you need to practice speaking it
  3. Things happen by default, even if your plan is otherwise. Learn to let go and enjoy the best of the outcome. 
  4. Stop putting things off, JUST START. 
  5. Focus on one thing, and master it. 

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