EYW 107 : Create A Pokémon Go Safety Area For Children with Queenie

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I am Queenie Kawabe, who won the best teacher and the best lesson of 2016 at an English Language School in Japan. I am also a language specialist, a youth motivational speaker and the host of Expand Your World Show Podcast. I was born and raised in a multilingual family who speak five languages (English, Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Bahasa), and I believe that everyone deserves unique learning styles to expand their world. I have enjoyed helping people from different walks of life to discover the right learning style to speak a foreign language, teaching them to be confident, courageous and happy in life, work, and study, and helping parents to raise bilingual children by providing practical activities. So, I hope to use Expand Your World Show to interview the most inspirational entrepreneurs, traveler, language learners and parents to share their expanded world with you. 

I talked about 

  1. 9-points safety plan details the things you need to look out for once you start playing the game in Japan. 
  2. How to use Pokemon Go to create a safety area for children
  3. First, protect your personal information – don’t take photos near your house and post them on social media. For example, you could ask questions about why they are not allowing to take pictures near their houses. This educates them that strangers could be anywhere, and they should not share their personal information.
  4. Second, be careful of fake apps and cheat tools. As a parent or a teacher, you could tell them danger is everywhere, not just in real life, teach them not to download suspicious apps on the phone. Sometimes, kids are not aware of what they downloaded.
  5. Third, you should download a weather app. I am surprised that the Japanese government listed this as one of the safety plans. I guess sometimes; you can’t predict the weather. So, the Japanese government has thought about this, and they care for you too.
  6. Forth, Be careful of heat stroke – I am not sure how hot where you are living now, but heatstroke has gotten in Japan in recent years. I think the best to hunt for pokemons would be late afternoon or night time because it’s not as hot as the day time. Also, you could explain this to your kids about heat stroke.
  7. Fifth, carry a reserve battery for your phone because you never know when your battery died. It is always good to bring a backup. In case you are lost, and your battery died, you always have a backup battery.
  8. Sixth, be prepared so you can contact your family – I could not believe that the Japanese government thought about this way to contact your family. They suggest people to use the phone card to call your family on a public phone in case of an emergency. Honestly, I don’t remember when was the last time I use the public phone, but it is an excellent way to talk about this with your kids. How the public phone was invented.
  9. Seventh, don’t enter dangerous areas – You and I know that it is not cool to trespass someone’s property or walk into a danger zone. You could create a topic for your kids to have a discussion on what if they enter dangerous areas, what would happen if they do. Also, you could explain to them about the consequences.
  10. Eighth, be careful of people who say they want to meet you – When I was a kid, mom said never talk to strangers. However, nowadays it is so easy to talk with strange, especially when they have the common interest as you. So again, you could talk with your kids about what happened if they talk with strangers.
  11. Last, do no walk while using your phone. Instead of walking while using your phone to hunt pokemons. You could create a family outing where everyone could go to the park and hunt pokemons together. However, I would suggest that keep the number small and have someone to be your eyes so that you know what’s going on around you and your kids.

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